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My Favorite Woman

Amber Young

Welcome to 'My Favorite Woman' - a show about real relatable life scenarios woman face when it comes to our femininity and power. It's time we discussed true woman empowerment, acknowledge our unique personal brand of feminine power, and celebrated us for the authentically badass women we are! If you've been searching for a show that inspires and uplifts, celebrates unique feminine energy, is raw, authentic and unfiltered - this show is for you. This is the space for TRUE woman empowerment, support, love and aggressive compliments! Because you deserve it. It's time you became YOUR Favorite Woman. Hi Queen! I'm Amber and I am a Femininity& Self Acceptance coach. I am passionate about helping amazing women find power in their femininity and embrace their inner Queen for the one-of-a-kind woman they are! I have spent years working on my growth, my worth and discovering who I am fully. It was painful, full of tears, forgiveness and tapping into the genuine woman I am to harness that untapped power. As a femininity coach, author, speaker and influencer in this niche, it is my mission is to be a guide and support for Queens who empower and celebrate other women but may not be able to empower or aren't sure of themselves. My purpose in life is to help be a guiding light to women who have not discovered how powerful, sexy, alluring and beautiful they are. Women who feel guilty about being sexy, confident, powerful. Women who feel they have to downplay who they are because they might offend someone. Queens who ache to be their true selves but have to downplay their femininity and sensuality and power because they are too busy listening, and internalizing, what other people think/say/act/do when they're around them! I want to help you, beautiful Queen, step into your own brand of confidence and sensuality as a Queen! As the most authentic, ideal version of yourself! Sending you so much love -xoxo - Amber